15 Best Board Games for 10-Year-Old Kids in 2024

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Looking for new ways to keep your kids busy while they are at home?

Trying to limit mobile phone and tablet time?

These days, more and more children are becoming hooked on digital devices and forgetting what it feels like to go outside and have fun with other kids. Sadly, sometimes parents can’t even talk to them anymore because they are too busy scrolling.

It is important to remember that past generations survived without constant access to the Internet, so there’s no reason why today’s youth can’t do the same.

In this article, we want to help you and your children find an alternative to screen time. Instead of staring at devices all day, wouldn’t it be better to bond with them through traditional means like board games?

Today we are sharing with you the nine best board games for 10-year-old kids. We picked these games based on their high ratings and the positive feedback they got from review sites and online stores. Hopefully you will be able to find one that is perfect for your 10-year-old.

Let’s get started!

1. Ticket to Ride: First Journey

Ticket to Ride: First Journey Board Game
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Ticket to Ride is a blast for anyone, from all age groups and walks of life. It is included in most “best board games” lists, so we are pretty sure that it won’t disappoint. It has received numerous awards is a product of the game-manufacturing giant Days of Wonder.

If you are familiar with the mechanics of the adult games (Ticket to Ride: Play with Alexa and Ticket to Ride: Europe), then you probably won’t have a hard time teaching this version to your 10-year-old. Ticket to Ride: First Journey is a stand-alone version, not an expansion set, and is perfect for children who love learning while playing.

The game is fast-paced and only has around 30 minutes of playing time. It consists of the same components as the original version, such as train cards, locomotive cards, and destination tickets. There are also some additional features, like the golden ticket and other bonuses, but for the most part everything is the same as the adult version.

Although somewhat similar to the original, First Journey does offer unique rules and instructions that are more compatible with younger audiences. Hence, you still need to review the rulebook if it is your first time playing.

You should also be careful when taking care of the game materials, as kids can get excited and unintentionally ruin the components.


  • Recommended for parents with kids who love to learn geography.
  • Even the adult version is kid-friendly and can be introduced to younger audiences.
  • Kiddie version offers young characters that children will love.


  • Be careful with your seller, as some deliver in poor condition.
  • Kiddie version might bore children who like more strategic games.

2. Ravensburger Labyrinth

Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board
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We recommend Labyrinth by Ravensburger for kids who like solving complex problems and finding their way through maps and mazes. As the name suggests, your goal is to look for the shortest way out of a labyrinth. However, you have to do this while collecting all the treasures and overcoming all of the obstacles on your way.

Ravensburger Labyrinth is for children who are seven years old and above, making it a perfect fit for those with ten-year-old kids. It has around 20 to 30 minutes of game time and is highly replayable because it offers various potential endings and strategies for getting out.

The game is suitable for up to four players, making room for parents and older siblings to join the fun. It is also great for when your kids have friends over.

If you want your 10-year-old child to develop their strategic and planning skills and learn the concepts of recognition, turn-taking, and cause and effect, then we recommend trying out Ravensburger’s Labyrinth.


  • Engaging enough for adults but also appropriate for kids and teens.
  • The rules and mechanics of the game are simple and easy to understand.
  • Provides high replay value because of its fast pace.


  • Might not be challenging enough for older kids who want to try more complex games.

3. Catan Junior

CATAN Junior
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Catan is a classic board game, and many people have played the original version. It is one of the best board games out there when it comes to strategic planning and civilization-building.

As it turns out, Catan has a junior version as well. The manufacturer has designed a kid-friendly version of that that is suitable for children who are six years old and above. It has around 30 minutes of gameplay and can accommodate a minimum of two and a maximum of four players. It also has a very easy to follow and simple to understand set of rules.

Basically, the rules are the same as in the original version, except that everything has been simplified. According to the company, Catan Junior presents a “modified playing style of the classic game, giving younger players the opportunity to experience the world of Catan.” For parents who’d like to teach their children how to build and trade, this game is a great fit.

We personally recommend playing this game with your child. Letting kids play it alone might produce confusion and disagreement, so proper guidance from parents, guardians, or older siblings is a good idea.


  • Has high replay value because of the various possible endings it may produce.
  • Has kid characters that are very suitable for young audiences.
  • Can be played by kids who are new to board games.


  • Game components are quite sensitive, so careful organization is needed.
  • Not recommended for those with a short attention span.

4. Candy Land

Candy Land: Kingdom Of Sweet Adventures
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Candy Land is a classic beginner game that is highly recommended for kids, even those who are below 10. In fact, it is advertised as a game that is suitable for anyone ages three years old and above because there is no reading required. The only thing you need to play this game is eagerness and enthusiasm.

The mechanics are easy and the goal is simple—whoever gets to the castle first wins. Basically, it is a racing game with a touch of adventure and exploration. You use a gingerbread man as your character, and colored cards with fun illustrations instruct you along the way.

If you have really young kids at home and would like to have your 10-year-old play with them, we suggest checking out Candy Land. It is kid-friendly, family-friendly, and definitely worth every penny!


  • The game’s overall design and artwork are exceptional and appealing.
  • Rules and instructions are easy to learn and understand.
  • Develops children’s interpersonal and communication skills


  • Might be too simple for kids who are more experienced board gamers.

5. Photosynthesis

For plant-loving and nature-loving parents who want to impart the same values to their children, this board game can serve as a good start. Photosynthesis is a “green strategy board game” that allows children to learn the science behind photosynthesis while still having fun.

As you probably know, photosynthesis plays a big role in the life cycle of trees. Trees need to receive enough sunlight so they can grow and become bigger and stronger, so in this game you need to strategically place your seeds on the board so they will receive the right amount of sunlight.

You can use the light points you have earned from the photosynthesis stage to buy all the essential things you need for later stages, such as more trees, and tools that will help you acquire even more trees. In the end, the closer you are to the center of the board, the more chances you have to win the game.

The mechanics of the game are easy and simple to understand. A 10-year-old kid won’t have a hard time processing the rules, and parents won’t find it difficult to explain. However, you need to remember that careful planning is needed in order to win. Make sure that you teach your children how to strategize and make wise decisions.


  • Simple rules and instructions make it easy for kids to understand.
  • Artwork and design are exceptional compared to other games.
  • Can accommodate many players and teams.


  • Not recommended for two players, as there would be limited interaction.

6. Mouse Trap

Hasbro Gaming Mouse Trap
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Mouse Trap is from the game-manufacturing giant Hasbro, which is known to be a producer of quality games and puzzles. The game was specifically designed to help families relax, enjoy themselves, and have fun altogether.

Winning the game is simple—you just have to be the last mouse standing after all the traps have been placed. But in addition to avoiding the mousetraps, you also need to gather cheese wedges.

We recommend this game for parents who want to develop their children’s critical thinking skills. As most customers report, it is a game that deeply enhances a child’s ability to analyze situations and make intelligent decisions.


  • Very suitable for younger kids who don’t know how to read and count yet.
  • Develops children’s cognitive abilities like focus and concentration.
  • An excellent choice for families who have very young children.


  • Some of the game components are small, so intense parental guidance is advised.

7. Apples to Apples Junior

Mattel Games Apples to Apples Junior
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Apples to Apples Junior is the kiddie version of Apples to Apples—the game of “crazy combinations.” It has the same rules and mechanics, except that they are simplified and more suitable for the younger generation. According to the manufacturer, the game is meant to be played by children who are nine years old and above.

The goal of the game is to collect the greatest number of description cards by coming up with the most hilariously valid combinations. You get these description cards by pleasing the judge and convincing them to choose your entry. Everyone takes turns being the judge.

The outcome of the game is completely subjective, but children can learn a lot of things while playing. For instance, the game can enhance their vocabulary and strengthen their critical thinking skills. Moreover, it can develop their ability to connect and communicate with other people, especially other children.


  • The rules and mechanics of the game are easy and simple to understand.
  • The kiddie version is as fun and entertaining as the original version.
  • Develops children’s vocabulary and analysis skills.


  • The game could use a little update.
  • Somewhat based on luck.

8. Chutes and Ladders

Hasbro Gaming Chutes and Ladders
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Chutes and Ladders is not just about recognizing numbers and learning how to count. We believe that it also teaches decent values and noble principles, especially for kids who should be learning these things at the earliest stage possible. Such values and principles include helping someone in need, reading your books, and cleaning your toys.

The game’s goal is to reach the 100th square. You can accelerate your movement by landing on good deeds and climbing the associated ladders. However, if you land on bad deeds, you will have to slide down the chutes and start again.

Chutes and Ladders is a board game for younger kids who are still learning counting and number recognition. Nevertheless, it is still a classic and a great game for children who are 10 years old and above because it also helps teach values.


  • Excellent game for children, regardless of age and gender.
  • No complicated mechanics that are difficult to understand.
  • A classic favorite of most parents.


  • Be careful with your seller, as some deliver in poor condition.
  • No strategy involved, so the game might bore 10-year-old kids who are experienced players.

9. King of Tokyo

IELLO: King of Tokyo
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Manufactured by Hasbro, created by Richard Garfield, and named by the Golden Geeks Awards in 2012 as the Best Family Game, Best Children’s Game, and Best Party Game, this classic board game is pure fun and learning.

In King of Tokyo, you take the role of either a giant robot or a mutant monster, both of whom want to become the king of Tokyo. You have to plan your moves wisely, and that includes gathering energy, healing your wounds, and defeating all the other monsters in the game. You also have special abilities that you can activate by expending extra energy.

Having the best dice combinations and coming up with the best strategy is the key to victory. The primary objective is to get to the last round without losing too much energy—otherwise you won’t have enough strength to finish the game in its entirety.


  • Rules and mechanics are kid-friendly, as they are very easy to understand.
  • The artwork and design are colorful, making the game more interesting.
  • Perfect for kids, even those younger than 10.


  • Not recommended for children who have a lot of experience with board gaming.
  • Might be a bit boring if played by only two players.

10. Tokaido Crossroads: The First Expansion

Tokaido Crossroads: The First Expansion
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Tokaido Crossroads is the first expansion of the beloved Tokaido Board Game. It is meant for children eight years old and above and can accommodate 2 to 5 players. It only has around 45 minutes of play time, so it is certainly never boring.

This game is perfect for travelers, as the main concept involves taking a journey across Japan and reaching the other side of the East Sea Road. As you progress along the way, you will be tasked with collecting beautiful items like charms and gems, and visit wonderful places like luxurious bathhouses and clandestine gambling rooms.

If you want a calm gaming experience with your kiddos, this is a good pick. It has easy-to-understand rules and mechanics and high replayability. And if you want to experience more of it, there are other expansion packs available on most online platforms.


  • Provides a unique, calming, relaxing experience for gamers.
  • The rules of the game are easy to learn and understand.
  • Perfect gift for minimalist parents with 10-year-old kids.


  • Be careful with your seller, as some deliver in poor condition.

11. Splendor

Splendor Board Game (Base Game)
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Splendor is often called the “best merchant game” and is a great game for kids who like buying, selling, and trading. It is a good choice if you want to teach your children all about business and economics, and is also an excellent fit if you want them to learn how to strategize and plan.

The game is set in the European Renaissance era, when gem trading was at its finest. The goal is to compete with other players to gain control over the mines and trading routes, and eventually attract patrons as partners for business. The game has simple rules that are written in a very user-friendly manual.

In addition to its simplicity, we recommend this game because it provides a lot of historic context to players. Your kids will learn how trading was conducted in times past, and they can also apply the techniques today. It is like Monopoly, except that it is set in a past era.


  • Has high replayability because of the various possible endings.
  • The game is very thematic and enriches your historical knowledge.
  • The board game’s components are nicely made.


  • Not recommended for kids who prefer more difficult games.
  • Most customers say that the expansion sets are lacking in terms of quality.

12. Small World

Small World: Underground
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Small World: Underground is designed to accommodate up to 2 to 5 players, with around 40 to 95 minutes of playtime. As its name suggests, the goal is to conquer a world that is too small for everyone to fit in. With wizards, giants, and humans all involved, your kids are sure to have a wonderful time playing it.

Note that this game is a civilization game. This means that there are tasks and conquests your kids need to accomplish to beat their competitors. And, like most board games, careful strategic planning is essential.

If you are looking for a game that is easy yet also entertaining and educational, this one is a treat. In addition to the fact that it involves magical creatures that your kids will surely love, it also has wonderful artwork and is design to relax their minds.


  • The rules are easy to understand, yet the game itself is challenging enough.
  • One of the best civilization games that is suitable for teens and small children.
  • Has expansion sets that are equally exciting and fun to play.


  • Some customers report that imitations are common on online platforms.
  • Not recommended for kids who are easily distracted or bored.

13. Beat That!

Gutter Games Beat That!
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Beat That calls itself as “the bonkers battle of wacky challenges,” and it is indeed a series of challenges (160 in total) that will make your kids move, jive, and have fun. These challenges are a mixture of difficult movements that keep the players working hard!

This game is more of a card and physical game than a board game, but it is quite interesting and can help kids and adults alike enjoy hilarious moments.

The game is good for a minimum of two and a maximum of eight players. It is also designed for nine years old and above. Since it is a game that tests skills and abilities, precautionary measures are required, especially when kids are involved.


  • Great game for all ages, not just kids and teens.
  • Fun, interactive game that is perfect during reunions and gatherings.
  • Excellent gift for families with eight or fewer members.


  • Might not be suitable for bigger families with more than eight members.
  • Be careful with your seller, as some deliver in poor condition.

14. Kingdomino

Blue Orange Games Kingdomino
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Kingdomino is a territory-building board game that is set in the Medieval period. It is designed for 2 to 4 players and is suitable for children eight years old and above. As advertised, it is best recommended for parents with children, or for adults who like simple yet challenging strategic board games.

The concept of this game is based on card-drafting and tile-placing. You are required to use a pattern when building your territory. It is like playing Dominoes, except that you are creating an empire at the same time. The game ends once each player has created a 5×5 grid. Whoever has the highest score based on their tiles wins.

We suggest trying Kingdomino if your kids already know how to play Dominoes, as this will make understanding the game mechanics easier. It is also recommended if you want your kids to develop their decision-making and strategic planning skills.


  • Has the right combination of strategy and luck.
  • Best for families with kids who love territory-building games.
  • Can still be challenging, even for expert gamers.


  • Some customers report quality control issues related to the game’s components.

15. 7 Wonders

7 Wonders Board Game
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7 Wonders is yet another game that is meant for parents who enjoy bonding with their kids over board games. It is perfect for big families since it can accommodate up to seven players, and it only has around 30 minutes of playtime. It makes a lovely addition to your family’s collection of activities during game night.

Since this is an empire-building game, your main goal is to gain power and domination. You take the role of a leader and your mission is to conquer the world by enriching and developing your city. The game is a mixture of luck and strategy, so you need to make your decisions wisely.

According to experts, this game is best played by many players. Hence, we recommend it to parents who have a lot of kids at home. It has been called one of the best strategy board games on the market, so it will contribute to your kids’ understanding of how the world works.


  • Great game for family gatherings or reunions.
  • Easy for beginners, yet fun enough for experts
  • The game is fast-paced, making it highly replayable.


  • The game may not be as interesting when there aren’t enough players.
  • Some poor imitations are being sold on online platforms.

Final Thoughts on Board Games for 10-Year Olds

If your kids need a break from their digital devices and you want to introduce them to the joy of board games, check out the title’s we’ve mentioned in our list and see if they fit your needs. If so, pick a couple up and get your kids started with board gaming. Before long, they’ll be looking for games for you!

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