A Month of Happiness, Week 2: Porn, Introversion, Yoga, TV, and Kaizen

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This is week two of the Month of Happiness. This week, we talked about ditching porn, appreciating your personality type, the science of yoga, the mood boosting effects of TV, and the power of kaizen.

Day 6: Ditch Porn – It’s Playboy on (Dopamine Draining) Steroids

Porn is evil.

It's not because I'm deeply religious or a jealous girlfriend that I say that (I'm actually an irreligious male).

It's because porn is addictive and harmful.

In fact, porn is harmful because it is addictive.

I'm not talking about American Psychiatry Association addiction; I'm talking about biology gone wrong addiction – the kind that makes your life less happy. The kind that impacts a lot more people than you think.

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Day 7: Why I “Remain” an Introvert, Though the Science Suggests Extroverts are Happier

The facts are in: extroverts are happier than introverts.

Dozens of studies have revealed that extroverts have more responsive reward centers and are more likely than introverts to be happy and to report higher well-being.

This matters to me. Two months ago, inspired by positive psychology and Gretchin Rubin’s Happiness Project, I decided to make myself a Happier Human. I’m an introvert so— at least for me—the science speaks true: It seems to me that my extroverted friends are happier than I am.

So … I pondered … should I “transform” myself into an extrovert?

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Day 8: Yoga – It Isn't Just for Female Hipsters

Have you heard of yoga before? Have you heard of its super-awesomeness?

By this point, we've all been informed; I've been informed, many times.  But the idea of doing something so hipster and female has been so ridiculous to my subconscious mind that I had never actually consciously considered doing it.

I'm a man. I like sports & beer. Yoga? Not unless it's to pick up chicks. (Actually, I like dancing and piano… but I am a man!).

It was inevitable. I blog about happiness; every tenth article I read or person I talked to mentioned yoga.

And then I stopped.

Curious as I am, I wanted to know what exactly yoga was doing for me.

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Day 9: Watch More TV; It Makes You Happy!

Enjoy the present moment.

If I could apply just one of the many things I've learned in my two months of studying happiness, that would be it: enjoy the present moment.

Let's talk about TV.

I'm not a fan. I think it kills brains and destroys dreams. This post was originally going to be a bash TV until it bleeds sort of thing. But as I went through the research to back up my opinion, I realized I was half wrong.

In one study of working moms with children, participants were asked to rate from 0-6 how happy and enjoyable the activities of their previous day were.1

Of their 16 most frequent activities (exercising, childcare, working, shopping, etc…), watching TV was 7th on the list, weighing in with an average of 4.19 out of 6. As you can see in the graph below, the only two activities which rated significantly higher were socializing and intimate relations (which I'm assuming is academic-speak for sex).

Another study randomly paged participants throughout the day and asked them how they felt. It also found that TV watching created relaxation and good feelings (much like alcohol consumption).2

Watching TV is very much about enjoying the present moment. When you are watching TV, no longer are you focused on being ‘productive' or on the stresses of life. You're just sitting back and enjoying.

TV exploits two biological principles to reliably create good feelings.

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Day 10: Kaizen: Accomplishing Big Goals with Tiny Steps

This is a guest post by Nicholas Ritchey, the founder of AcePositive, a Positive Psychology directory, on the blog The Psychology of Wellbeing. The method he describes is one of the most simple and yet powerful methods of behavior change. 

If you’re like me, you may have a book inside you just waiting to be written.

Or, it may be something else like painting a picture, picking up a musical instrument, or getting into the gym regularly. But since I don’t know your story, I can only tell you my own; and my goal was a book.

I knew I had at least one book in me, but when would I ever find the time to write it?

This article shares the solution to the problem of never having enough time to do what you want, for making procrastination a thing of the past, and perhaps making your life a bit simpler in the process.

Prepare yourself for the Japanese Art of Kaizen!

Read the rest of the article here.

That's week two.

Let me know which of these topics you found most useful or interesting with a comment below!

3 thoughts on “A Month of Happiness, Week 2: Porn, Introversion, Yoga, TV, and Kaizen”

  1. Hi Amit,
    It’s hard to pick from TV and yoga. Each one is something I’m passionate about but for different reasons.
    Yoga is something I wish I started as a baby. Seriously. It’s that wonderful that I wish my first three decades could have been enriched by the practice. It’s intentional that my son did baby yoga so he can have the experience of doing it (if he wants) from cradle to grave.
    TV is something I started as a baby and stopped right about when yoga started. Except for sports events, I’ve pretty much cut out TV completely. And it feels great. There’s so much more I accomplish now and I feel enriched by NOT watching.

    • Wow, Joel – I’m jealous of your baby son. My parents threw multiplication tables at me when I was a baby – even when I was in the shower. Yoga would have been life transformingly better! I still find it hard to visualize though. Actually, I can’t help but smile when I imagine a tiny Joel contorting his body behind big Joel.


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